Westville Unit District 2 would receive approximately $550,000 annually if the proposition is approved.

The items for which Westville Unit 2 would use the additional funds include:

Priority #1:

Reduce property taxes by applying the new money to existing debt instead of levying higher taxes to meet the obligation.  The effect of the tax reduction, based on the last levy, would be as follows:

On a $100,000 home – $205 decrease

On a $150,000 home – $330 decrease

On a $200,000 home – $455 decrease

Priority #2:

Preventative repairs including HVAC system controls at all schools, boilers and piping at the high school, and roof restoration at the high school.

Priority #3:

Build an early childhood learning center with a cafetorium capable of hosting district-wide preschool and daily PE at Giacoma Elementary.

Build additional classroom space and renovate the cafeteria/locker rooms to allow for 6th grade instruction at the junior high.

Build a performing arts auditorium, renovate restrooms, track and football field complex, and install air conditioning in the varsity gym at the high school.

See the files from Westville District 2 below: