Salt Fork

Salt Fork CUSD #512 would receive approximately $372,000 annually if the proposition is approved.

The items for which Salt Fork would use the additional funds include:

Priority #1

Freeze the property tax rate by using the revenue to complete “pay as you go” projects, thus avoiding the need to sell bonds which would increase the tax rate.

Priority #2

Facility upgrades including upgrading heating systems and installing air conditioning throughout the district, finishing the roof at the south campus, repairing and expanding parking at the north campus, improving drainage at the north campus, and installing energy efficient windows throughout the district.

Priority #3

Improve student opportunities by upgrading the electrical and technology infrastructure to support an increase in educational technology, updating the science labs, and purchasing new playground equipment.

Other items include:

  • Improving building asthetics
  • Update locker rooms at the high school and jr. high
  • Refinish gym floors at the south campus
  • Repair items in the family and consumer science room
  • Build a kitchen at the north elementary
  • Purchase new classroom furniture
  • Update restrooms throughout the district
  • Improve traffic patterns at the north campus
  • Update high school weight room
  • Upgrade lighting in the jr. high gym
  • Upgrade floor and lighting in lego gym at south campus

See the files from Salt Fork District 512 below:

2018 01 28 salt fork CSFT brochure