About the proposition

With the ongoing financial crisis at the state level creating funding uncertainty across the state, and ever present fiscal challenges presented by aging facilities, most school districts find themselves facing an uphill battle to keep up with the costs.  As a result, school districts across Vermilion County representing more than 50% of the student enrollment within the county have passed resolutions approving the placement of a 1% County School Facility Sales Tax on the ballot of the general primary election on March 20, 2018.  This website will address the details of what will and what will not be taxed, how the revenue is allowed to be used, approximately how much each district would receive based on enrollment, and how each district plans to use the funds.  The money generated from this proposition will  NOT be funneled through state channels.  It will be collected and distributed at the local level by the county.  To learn more, click on the menu tabs above.